Tracy Yacobellis

  • donated 2016-03-27 10:21:48 -0400

    URGENT: Carlos has a brand new opponent

    We knew it wouldn't be easy to win back one of Florida's most competitive swing seats, but today a brand new challenger entered the race and we need all hands on deck in support of this campaign!

    We welcome the competition. I am more than ready to prove to voters that I am the best person to represent HD 49 in the Florida House. Make no mistake-- the Republican Party will have plenty of time to raise an infinite amount of money to attack us, our progressive values, and what our campaign stands for. 

    quick donation of $50 or more will help us beat back the Republican attack machine already underway. If you've previously given, please consider renewing your support with another investment at this critical time.

    The working families and students of House District 49 need a progressive leader from our community who understand the issues and has a record of getting things done in Tallahassee.

    Our campaign is about moving Florida forward. That means 
    making college education at public universities affordable and available to everyone. It's about establishing fair wage and benefits standards statewide so that working families have a chance to succeed in this economy. It means that we are going to stand up to the special interests like the NRA and others who are pushing an extreme right-wing agenda that makes our communities less safe, hurts women, and threatens the equal rights of all Floridians. 

    That's what this campaign stands for. I am ready to defend those values....and with 
    your support, we are ready to win!



Tracy Yacobellis

Tracy Yacobellis