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    Nothing can be more important in the way of creating more economic opportunity and social mobility for young people than affordable college education. But the crushing burden of student loan debt facing moms, dads, and their sons and daughters is holding too many Floridians back from realizing their full potential.

    In 2009, the Republican led Florida legislature slashed the Bright Futures Scholarship Program in half from $436 million to less than $270 million. More than anybody else, minorities were disproportionally impacted by these cuts. As a result, 47% of Hispanic students and 62% of black students not longer qualified for the scholarship the following year.

    Tell Tallahassee it's time we restore our future and fully fund the Florida Bright Futures Scholarship! Add your name to become a citizen co-sponsor.

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    By running for District 49 State Representative, Carlos is providing voters with a powerful choice. Carlos has proven to possess leadership with integrity and he will
    not take the tonic when he wins. Carlos will stick to the issues he campaigns on.

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    Make a pledge TODAY to vote for Carlos Guillermo Smith on Election Day, Tuesday, November 6th, 2018! 


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Milly Krause

Milly Krause