Animal Welfare

Humane Treatment of Florida's Greyhound Racing Dogs

As a member of the Florida House, Carlos worked alongside animal welfare advocates in support of enacting important protections for greyhound racing dogs. In 2017, Rep. Smith passed legislation in the House with overwhelming bipartisan support that banned the use of harmful anabolic steroids on racing dogs. Read Carlos's Orlando Sentinel Op-Ed on the epidemic of drug positives in the greyhound racing industry here

Vote YES on Amendment 13

Every three days, a greyhound dies in one of Florida's inhumane dog racing facilities. They die from broken necks, broken backs, heat exhaustion and many other types injuries. According to state regulators, these dogs are often confined 20-23 hours per day in cages barely large enough for them to stand up or turn around. 

Carlos is a major supporter of Amendment 13, which will ban cruel and inhumane greyhound racing in the state of Florida. Rep. Smith was even featured in a recent political ad with Republican Mike Hill to demonstrate the overwhelming bipartisan support for the measure. Watch the full Amendment 13 ad here

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