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Florida's antiquated marijuana possession laws are not only costing us money, but they are ruining lives and unnecessarily filling up our state prison system. 20 states have already stepped forward to decriminalize possession of small amounts of marijuana for adults.

Florida can be a place that doesn't spend $229 million a year enforcing these laws. We can stop overflowing our prisons with 58,000 pot-related arrests annually, enact these necessary reforms to our criminal justice system, AND reduce the number drug-related arrests by up to 41%.

We need real leaders unafraid to tell the truth about how these laws are disproportionally destroying the lives of young minorities and wasting taxpayer resources. As a state representative, Carlos Guillermo Smith will sponsor legislation on day one to decriminalize marijuana possession statewide in Florida. The "Marijuana Decriminalization Act of Florida" would require law enforcement to issue mandatory civil citations to persons with possession of 20 grams of cannabis or less. 

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