SIGN THE PETITION: End Inhumane Dog Racing in Florida with Greyhound Decoupling

Every three days, a greyhound dies in one of Florida's inhumane dog racing facilities. These dogs spend most of the time in confinement, are given harmful anabolic steroids, and many are euthanized after sustaining minor racing injuries as a way for greyhound breeders to cut costs. 

As a former Tallahassee staffer, I've worked alongside greyhound advocates in support of enacting important protections for these animals. That's why I'm proud to have earned the endorsement of GREY2K USA, the world's largest greyhound protection organization.


Unfortunately, Florida law requires dog tracks to run live races in order to offer other forms of gambling such as cardrooms. With the interest in greyhound racing in steep decline, this government mandate forces track owners to operate at a loss. It's time to change state law with a new greyhound decoupling law, so that track owners are no longer mandated to continue dog racing in Florida. 

This is an attainable goal. To date, greyhound racing is prohibited in 40 states. Of the 19 greyhound racing tracks left in the United States-- 12 are in Florida. I will fight to pass greyhound decoupling, improve the lives of greyhounds in Florida and finally END dog racing in our state. 

8,000 greyhounds shouldn't be forced to suffer needlessly in Florida’s dog racing facilities every single day. With your help, we can end this type of cruelty together.

Sign our petition in support of greyhound decoupling, so that we can finally END inhumane greyhound racing in Florida. ADD YOUR NAME AS A CITIZEN CO-SPONSOR! 

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